Do you accept my insurance? 

​Glen Valley Dentistry is able to bill most types of dental insurance. We are in network for Dental Dental at the Premier level. Because coverage details vary we would encourage you to call our office at 616-891-8931 so that we can speak to you about your dental insurance and if we are able to bill your particular plan. Your insurance company will encourage you to visit an office that is in network. We will encourage you to find a dental home that takes great care of you regardless of your insurance plan.

What if I don't have dental insurance? 

Dental insurance often helps patients pay for needed care, but dental insurance is not a requirement for being a patient in our office. We are happy to have patients who do not have dental insurance for themselves or their family members. Please call the office at 616-891-8931 and we can speak to you about how easy it is to be a patient at Glen Valley Dentistry regardless of your insurance coverage.

What does an insurance company mean by the terms usual, customary, and reasonable? 

Insurance plans will often pay an established percentage of a dentist’s fee up to what the insurance company deems is “usual, customary, or reasonable”. Although these limits are called “usual, customary, or reasonable” they may not reflect the fees that a dentist in your area has to charge for the treatment. For example the insurance company may not have taken into account up to date data on expenses and time that goes into providing patient care. There are no regulations that insurance companies have to follow when determining the reimbursement levels for needed dental treatment. So the dental insurance company gets to set the price without consideration for a multitude of factors.

At Glen Valley Dentistry, you and your dental care is our focus. We are happy to share with you our fees for needed treatment so that you may be prepared for the investment in your dental health. Unfortunately insurance companies rarely share the limits they place as “usual, customary, and reasonable”. Because of this lack of transparency we may not know the exact total of what your insurance plan will pay. If your dental insurance company is asking for you to pay more towards your treatment we would suggest reaching out to your employer or insurance company to see if you have any ability to change future reimbursement levels.

What are the details of my insurance? 

At Glen Valley Dentistry we work hard to help answer any questions that you have about your dental insurance plan and its coverage. Because plans can vary widely from company to company and are subject to changes without notification to our office, we are not always able to get the answer to specific questions about your dental plan. We will work with you to create insurance estimations and share our best knowledge available.

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