What can I expect at my first appointment? 

At Glen Valley Dentistry you are our focus. We would like to get to know you and understand what your dental concerns, needs, or questions may be. For your convenience we offer the forms you will need online. Visit our Forms section to get started. We would ask that your new patient forms be completed and returned to our office before your appointment.

  • You can email your new patient forms to the office or complete the forms and bring them with you into the office ahead of your appointment.
  • The Glen Valley Dentistry team will gather information to help with your first appointment,including any xrays you already have or need to be completed.
  • A personalized photo arrangement will be made of your teeth.
  • Our hygienist will guide you through a tour of our office.
  • You and your hygienist will speak about your dental needs and history.
  • Your hygienist will be able to answer any questions you have about oral health.
  • An exam will be taken of your mouth this includes gathering important information about your gums, teeth and overall health.
  • You will meet the dentist and spend time going over any concerns you may have, discuss you medical and dental histories so we can offer you individualized care.
  • After a thorough assessment of your mouth, the dentist will create a personalized plan to bring your mouth to its healthiest state possible.
  • Your hygienist would clean your teeth at this appointment unless your treatment needs require another visit.

At what age should my child have their first visit? 

Their First Appointment - We recommend that your child’s first appointment to be around their first birthday. This first visit is called a “happy visit” and there is no fee. We take this opportunity to look in the child’s mouth and also share helpful information and tips on keeping your child’s mouth healthy right from the start. This is also a great opportunity to ask us any questions that you have.

Age 0-2 - to avoid early oral developmental problems and decay, it is always good to ween children from a bottle and/or pacifier at or near one year of age. It is also important, for the months when they are using a bottle, to never allow them to fall asleep with a bottle or sippee cup in their mouth in bed. This is the leading cause of early decay in young children.

Age 2-4 - We recommend to see your child once a year until they turn 4, at which time, we begin the regular six month interval. If certain conditions are identified in the early visits we may recommend they be seen every six months.

Age 4-18 - If your child is a new patient between these ages, they will see the dental hygienist and the dentist for their initial visit and typically will have their teeth cleaned at this appointment. In this age group we recommend your child be seen twice a year for preventative health appointments. We also recommend an investment in preventative care with our sealant program.

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