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A Healthy Mouth For Adults

Glen Valley Dentistry has taken on a new level of responsibility to our patients.

The majority of the population does not know the definition of what a truly healthy mouth is, so our office established this baseline for health. (below) As you look at the columns below, if any of these conditions apply to your mouth, understand it is not at the level of health it could be. We desire to team together with you to help achieve total oral health which will contribute to improved overall health.

If you are not currently a patient of Glen Valley please contact us for a free consultation so we can assist you in your pursuit for overall health.

healthy mouth

brushing teethA Healthy Mouth For Teens and Children

Brushing twice a day morning and night and after sugary snacks

Not sipping on pop throughout the day.

Having sealants placed on the teeth help prevent cavities on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. (See Below)


Click on picture left to view a video on the need and procedure for sealants.

A Healthy Mouth For Infants

dot prIt is recommended to bring your infant to their first dental
visit near their first birthday.

infantdot gBefore your child even gets teeth it is a good idea to wipe out there mouth with a fresh damp washcloth to remove residual milk sugars from the tissue and get your baby used to a cleaning routine in their mouth.

dot rA bottle and pacifier should end by the time your infant is one.

dot pNever put your infant to bed with a bottle!

When to expect- teeth coming or going                                                          


**Adult molars will come in behind the primary (baby)teeth
around 6 and 12 years.